Wheel Alignment Tempe and Scottsdale AZ

wheel alignment
Improved Handling

If your vehicle regularly pulls to one side, the steering wheel vibrates, or you have to maintain pressure on the steering wheel one way or the other to keep your car traveling straight ahead, you likely have an alignment problem. A wheel alignment on your vehicle will correct the vast majority of handling issues. You’ll also enjoy a smoother ride because road shock is better absorbed when all the system components are aligned properly.

Extended Tire Life

A great way to wear down your tires and have to replace them more often is to drive your car regularly with improper alignment. It causes the tires to wear unevenly and leaves you more susceptible to flat tires and blow-outs from road debris. When your vehicle is properly aligned, your tires will hold up for thousands of miles longer than when you have an alignment issue.

Better Gas Mileage

When your car isn’t properly aligned, your wheels are effectively working against each other, increasing rolling resistance. A wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels are turning in parallel, minimizes rolling resistance and greatly increasing your gas mileage.

Safer Driving

When you’re constantly having to pull on the steering wheel in one direction just to keep your vehicle driving straight, there’s a much greater danger of accidentally sliding into another lane — or even worse, driving off the road or into oncoming traffic. We also do a suspension system inspection as part of our alignment procedure, letting us spot worn parts before they cause problems that can be costly and dangerous.