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transmission repairThe transmission in your vehicle is, without a doubt, its most delicate and complex component. With over 800 individual pieces, the transmission is the part of your vehicle responsible for transferring power from your engine to your wheels. So, as you can imagine, if your transmission is in trouble, your car isn’t going to get you very far. Whether you need a replacement or transmission repair in Tempe, AZ, the team at We-Fix-It Auto Repair is your first, best choice.

Transmission Service Tempe AZ

Regular transmission service is one of the most important steps in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and reliably. By having your transmission inspected, you can avoid unexpected transmission problems that can be expensive to repair. Transmission service includes checking transmission fluid for potential contamination; inspecting transmission components for unusual wear or damage; and testing the transmission cooler, if applicable. At a minimum, transmission service should be performed every 30,000 miles – but it may need to be serviced more frequently depending on driving habits and climate conditions. Proper maintenance can help ensure your transmission stays healthy longer, and you won’t have to worry about costly repairs down the road.

Transmission Repair Tempe AZ

Transmission repair is vital for keeping most vehicles running at their best. It requires advanced knowledge and specialized tools to troubleshoot transmission problems and diagnose transmission-related issues. Our transmission specialists should be used whenever your transmission begins to exhibit any signs of concern, no matter how small. Ignoring the early indications might result in a significant malfunction down the road that could leave you without transportation and cost much more in repair costs than if addressed earlier on. Our service technicians can also estimate the repairs required before starting any work on the transmission. This service will help you make educated decisions about repairing and replacing your transmission.

Transmission Repair Near Me

When you need a transmission service or transmission repair in Tempe, AZ, always make your first call to the experts at We-Fix-It Auto Repair. Our team of transmission experts will make sure your vehicle’s transmission is running right for years and miles to come. Call or come by our shop today, and we will look at your car and let you know if the transmission needs attention.

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