Fleet Services Tempe and Scottsdale AZ

Fleet services in Tempe and Scottsdale
There are many businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles. This often adds the convenience of being able to transport people or goods at the business’ convenience but what happens when those vehicles need service? Here at We-Fix-It, we understand the challenges a fleet manager faces when trying to maintain their fleet. That’s where we come in. Our comprehensive and complete fleet services give your fleet manager the peace of mind they need when it comes to making sure your fleet vehicles are both safe and reliable.

Fleet Maintenance Tempe and Scottsdale AZ

When we take on a fleet account, the first thing we do is perform a courtesy check on all your fleet vehicles. We pride ourselves on our constant and transparent communication with our clients. After the courtesy check is performed, we will then be able to let you know the status of each of your vehicles and put together a fleet maintenance schedule that works for you and your business. We have several benefits that set us apart from other shops with fleet services.

We have emergency priority – This means that when you have a vehicle that is down and needs to be serviced immediately, we will give it priority in our shop. The less downtime your fleet suffers, the more efficiently you will be able to run your services.

We can pick up and drop off your fleet vehicles – This means your employees do not need to spend time transporting your vehicles to our shop.

We offer vehicle storage – Several of our clients take advantage of our lot and we will be happy to store a backup vehicle here at our shop. This allows your employee to drop off one of your active vehicles that needs to be serviced and drive the backup vehicle to their next service location or back to the business without skipping a beat.

We are easy to use – Whenever you have a fleet vehicle in our shop, we will run diagnostics and determine what services are needed based on the mileage and condition of the vehicle. We will communicate our suggestions and all you or your fleet manager needs to do is approve our suggestions and the repairs or services needed will be performed. Let us help make your life as easy as possible when it comes to maintaining a fleet.

Fleet Repairs Tempe and Scottsdale AZ

With regular maintenance, your fleet should have minimal downtime but every once in a while, you will have a vehicle that needs a more extensive repair. We offer discounts to our fleet accounts. Be sure to ask us for details and we will give you a rundown on what you can expect when the need arises.

Generally, the benefits of our fleet services speak for themselves but feel free to look at our reviews and testimonials from our fleet clients. Our reputation is available for review across the internet.

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