Why Is My Transmission Slipping?

Jul 15, 2020

Knowing the signs of a slipping transmission and catching it early will save you money in the long run! There are many reasons why a transmission may start slipping, some more severe or costly than others.  It may seem like a minor problem but it can quickly worsen and make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Regardless of the severity, your car should be seen by a trusted mechanic before you have a more expensive problem.

Signs of a slipping transmission

A slipping transmission may feel like your car is slow to respond or does not respond at all. You may notice a different noise or burning smell. Here are a few common transmission problems you can watch out for.  You might notice just one or a combination of these symptoms.

  • Problems shifting gears
  • Delay in acceleration
  • Grinding, whining or other strange noises
  • Check engine light is on
  • Burning or unusual smells
  • Reverse does not engage

What causes transmission slipping?

There are multiple reasons why your car’s transmission could be slipping.  Here are some of the most common reasons …

  • Low Fluid – You can check your transmission fluid yourself, but keep in mind that if the fluid is low, you will need your mechanic to perform a thorough inspection to look for a possible leak.
  • Burning Fluid- A burning smell may be a sign you need a transmission flush right away. Transmission fluid should be flushed as directed by your vehicle’s manufacturer to avoid this problem.
  • Worn Gears– Your gears will begin to wear out as your car ages. Low or burned out transmission fluid is also a major cause of gear wear and tear.
  • Clutch and Torque Converter Wear– Both automatic and manual vehicles have a clutch. The clutch is the most common reason for transmission slipping in a manual transmission.  An automatic transmission has a torque converter with clutch plates that can burn or become worn, also caused by low transmission fluid.
  • Solenoid- Your transmission has an electro-hydraulic valve called a solenoid that is responsible for controlling the fluid flow. If the solenoid has problems, it will not dispense the appropriate amount of fluids to your transmission, causing transmission slipping and other issues.

Transmission repair and service

Only trust your transmission with a trained, qualified mechanic who will take the time to accurately identify the cause of the problem. At We-Fix-It Auto Repair, our highly trained, ASE-certified technicians know how to properly appraise the condition of your transmission and are happy to serve customers throughout the Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix area.

If your transmission is slipping or if you think it’s leaking, bring it in to We-Fix-It Auto Repair.  Regular transmission care and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your transmission.

Schedule your transmission service today!

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