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Why Choosing the Right Transmission Repair Expert in Scottsdale Makes a World of Difference for Your Car

The transmission in your car is what allows it to move. The engine provides the power necessary to get those wheels turning, but it’s the transmission that takes that power and actually turns the wheels. If you require any type of transmission repair and you live in Scottsdale, choosing the right company can make a world of difference.

A quick basics of transmissions

The more you know about your car (or cars in general), the more you can determine if or when it’s time to bring it to a specialist for repairs or diagnosis. The transmission is relatively simple in concept. You can think about it in terms of a bicycle. When you’re in first gear, the chain is moving at a certain rate. The more revolutions that the chain makes, the slower you will go, but the easier it will be to pedal. When you shift that bicycle, you increase the gears and tension, allow you to go farther, faster with fewer rotations of the pedal.

It requires more force from you to pedal the faster you go, but you won’t have to turn those pedals as fast.

With a car, it’s the same concept. The transmission is connected to the flywheel that is part of the engine. When the engine produces power, it turns the flywheel. When you put your car in drive or apply the clutch and shift into first gear, the transmission engages the flywheel. In order to get your car moving, it needs to be in a low gear, like first. Even though you put it in ‘D’ (for drive) with your automatic transmission, it still starts out in first.

As the car gets moving and the wheels are turning faster (like that bicycle), you could continue to drive in those lower gears, but you will maximize power and efficiency by shifting ultimately to third or fourth gear (‘D’ in an automatic) or 5th for most standard vehicles.

When something is wrong with the transmission, it may be impossible for the car to move. That could leave you stranded on the side of the road or in a parking area, or in your driveway. It is possible for the transmission to fail when you’re on the road, too and this could potentially lead to an accident.

When you have a problem with the transmission (or there is a problem), you may not know it, especially if you don’t know the potential warning signs. However, if you do know that you need some work done on your transmission, finding the right repair facility is going to be crucial.

Let’s talk about why choosing the right transmission repair expert in Scottsdale will matter for you and your car.

Many components and moving parts can make it difficult to diagnose.

The more people you begin to talk to about their transmission, the more you will realize that at some point in time or another they brought their car in for repair and it took the technician many attempts to actually figure out what was wrong with it. They might have done something, charged the customer, sent him home with the car only to have him return in a couple of days because the problem wasn’t solved.

Because the transmission has so many moving parts and components, it’s important to have it diagnosed and repaired by an experienced technician. Leaving it to chance in the hands of an inexperienced technician could leave you holding a series of large bills and still problems with your car’s tranny.

Transmission replacement could cost thousands of dollars.

If you put off getting the transmission worked on or repaired because you’re afraid of the potential expense, eventually that could mean you’ll need an entirely new transmission. That could cost thousands of dollars. In fact, the average transmission replacement costs $3,500. It’s more for high end sports cars or trucks.

There’s rarely a need for replacement unless the car has extremely high miles, the driver ignored problems as they arose, or the car’s been abused or in a serious accident.

Inexperienced technicians can make problems worse, costing you money.

Believe it or not, not all technicians are created equal. Some are better at diagnosing and repairing problems than others. If you end up choosing a company with technicians who are not ASE certified and who don’t have enough experience working on transmissions, you could end up paying for their learning curve.

Just because someone wears an outfit and stands under a car on a lift doesn’t mean that he or she is going to have the proper level of experience to successfully diagnose and repair the transmission problem in your car.

You wouldn’t trust your medical care to a dishonest or inexperienced doctor, would you?

Look at it this way: if you knew that something wasn’t quite right with your health and you were worried, what would you do? Hopefully you would go to the doctor. If it was a serious problem, would you want to be helped by someone who took advantage of their patients or who didn’t have any real experience?

There’s a difference between learning something and being able to do it. Sure, there are a lot of auto technicians that serve the Scottsdale area, but that doesn’t mean they have all worked on transmissions. Some might have only taken them out of a car; they might not have opened them up to replace gears or any of the components inside.

Your car deserves the best when it needs transmission repair, so whether you live in Scottsdale or the surrounding areas, choose the best: choose We Fix It Auto Repair. We Fix It has the most experienced technicians who are ASE certified and will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it right the first time.

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