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The A/C Maintenance You Need To Stay Cool This Summer

May 29, 2020

While Arizona summers are marvelous to behold, they also mean enduring the blistering heat. Consequently, having a comfortably air-conditioned car isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. We are committed to making sure you have reliable A/C service. That’s why we offer both A/C maintenance and repair and recommend you get periodic inspections.

Why Have Regular A/C Maintenance?

Your car’s air conditioning system requires a certain amount of refrigerant in order to cool properly. This gas needs to be recharged periodically to prevent damage to other parts of the system. Also, it’s a good idea to have your hoses checked regularly to prevent any leaks or cracks, especially since leaks can be hard to find. Lastly, Freon refrigerant used to be the norm until it was banned for environmental reasons. The new refrigerant requires supplemental oil to be added to the compressor (and yes, this is different from your standard oil change). If there isn’t enough oil in the air conditioning system, it can compromise the compressor seals and lead to needing a new unit. And, compressors are not cheap. When it comes down to it, having regular A/C maintenance is a time and money saver that is always worth it.

4 Signs of A/C Strain

In between your regularly scheduled maintenance, you can be on the lookout for common symptoms that indicate a problem with your A/C. If you notice any of these, it’s time to bring your car in for air conditioning service.

  1. The cooling power is not the same.

Whether it’s diminished airflow or a more dramatic temperature difference, it’s time to have the hoses, vents, and evaporator checked.

  1. Unusual noises are emanating from the unit.

This is likely due to an issue with your compressor. Both the pulley bearing and the clutch suffer a lot of wear and tear over time and could need to be replaced. Your trusted mechanic will also be able to tell if there is a more significant problem that requires compressor replacement.

  1. An odor is coming from the vents while running.

An aged or dirty filter is the most likely culprit behind a funky smell. However, mildew can accumulate in the A/C’s evaporator. So, if your car smells like a gym bag, be sure to get your system looked over ASAP.

  1. Water collects in the cab after running the A/C.

The air conditioning in your car drains water from the bottom. If there is a blockage, water can back up and gather in your car; usually around the dash or under the floor mats.

Whether you’ve started to notice the warning signs of a failing air conditioner, or it’s time for your regular A/C maintenance, scheduling an appointment today is a great way to stay safe. It will also promote A/C efficiency and keep the cool air blasting all summer long!

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