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Suspension Repair Tempe AZ

Suspension Repair Tempe AZ

There could be a number of reasons why you may need to find the best auto repair facility in Tempe, but you may not realize that there’s a problem with your car if it’s a suspension problem. Most drivers on the road today don’t know all that much about cars. They barely know about oil changes or where to check and refill the windshield washer fluid, and as a result they might not understand that there could be warning signs that it’s time to have the suspension looked at.

If you’re one of those people who only know how to turn the key and put the car in drive and you don’t really pay much attention to the details of your car as long as it’s running, then you should take some time to consider the following potential signs that there could be a problem with the suspension in your car.

What happens when you need suspension repair? Whether you live in Tempe or the surrounding areas, when there is a problem with the suspension it can affect the steering, control, braking, or other safety issues. This means that you could end up putting yourself, anyone in the car with you, and those on the road at risk. It’s a risk that’s not necessary when you take the time to look through these various signs of a potential problem.

You hear a clunk every time you hit a bump or pothole in the road.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about too many potholes in the roads around Tempe, at least not like they do in the northern states where snow and ice are common in the winter and where snowplows tear up the asphalt. Yet we do have bumps and some holes to deal with from time to time.

When you hit one of those bumps, you may hear a loud clunk as a result. This could be cause by any number of issues that are related to your suspension. It could be a tie-rod end breaking down or the sway bar clanging against the undercarriage of your car because the bushings have worn out. It could also be the earliest sign that the front struts (or shocks, depending on whether you have front or rear wheel drive) are beginning to fail.

If you hear a clunk whenever you hit a bump in the road, rather than a soft thump, it’s time to bring your car to an authorized auto repair facility.

Your car bounces down the road.

It may be a bit humorous to you when you first notice it: your car suddenly starts bouncing down the road as though it’s on springs. That’s because it is. Your suspension includes springs, either coil or leaf, and they are designed to be a component of the suspension of your car, not the entire suspension.

When the shocks or struts wear out completely, you’ll begin to notice that you’re bouncing down the road rather than enjoying a smooth ride. This isn’t just a minor annoyance; it can be a very serious situation that could cause you to lose control on a turn, when coming to a stop, or when moving in and out of traffic.

Bouncing is caused by the car running on only the springs and every time you bounce up, less weight is on the tires. When less weight is one the tires, that means you have less traction. Less traction means you could lose purchase on the road and spin out of control.

This problem usually doesn’t occur overnight, though; it usually builds over time and grows progressively worse. However, at some point most people will notice this problem. When you do, bring your car to the best shop for suspension repair in Tempe.

The ‘Ride’ is Not Smooth or Comfortable Anymore

Related to the problem with you bouncing down the road, when you notice that the ‘ride’ of your car (how it feels when you cruise down the road) is not what it used to be. You feel the hiccups in the road more and it makes you grimace whenever you run over a hard spot in the road.

When you’re in stop and go traffic, you may notice that the car hitches forward more every time you hit the brakes too hard. Any of these problems could be related to the suspension and may indicate that it needs repair as soon as possible.

Your Car Sits Lower to the Ground than it Used To

Some people like to ‘trick out’ their cars and bring them lower to the ground, but you’re not like that and you now notice that it just seems to be lower than you remember. It might not be your imagination. It might very well be due to the fact that the suspension is failing.

When the shocks and struts in your car begin to fail, the car will begin to drop lower and lower to the ground. Now, this change is usually subtle, but for anyone who pays attention to their car and its ride, they will notice this problem.

The lower that the car gets, the more it’s going to begin to bounce and that could cause you to lose control.

You Can’t Remember If or When the Shocks or Struts Were Every Changed

If you have owned your car since it was new, or you purchased it recently and it has over 100,000 miles on it, then it should certainly have had the shocks and struts replaced, as well as other suspension repair work done to it. If you don’t know if it’s every had the suspension worked on, then it’s time to bring your car to a qualified, ASE certified shop.

Suspension repair is important for any vehicle that has at least 100,000 miles on it, or if you notice any other of the aforementioned problems with it. When you want the best facility in Tempe, choose We Fix It Auto Shop Services.