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Suspension Repair Scottsdale AZ

Suspension Repair Scottsdale AZ

The suspension of a vehicle is responsible for more than just a smooth ride. This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have about their vehicles: they believe that the only thing their shocks and struts do is make sure that they don’t go bouncing down the road whenever they hit a bump. There are many important things that suspension does and when it needs repair, you want to make sure that you bring it to the right facility service Scottsdale.

Depending on the problem, you may end up having poor suspension and not even realize it. This could affect steering, control, and a number of other factors as well. The suspension is comprised of more than just the shocks and struts, too.

Suspension consists of those two most recognizable components, but also the springs (which could be coil or leaf springs), the sway bar, sway bar links, and even the tie rods. Over time, any of these components can begin to wear out. Rubber bushings can break down and that can cause metallic parts inside to lose grease and seize up, resulting in a breakdown of the entire suspension.

Will your vehicle still run with a suspension system that has broken down?

It might. The possibility is certainly there, but you will find that certain problems can cause you to lose control of the vehicle or be unable to steer properly. It could also cause more significant damage to other parts of the vehicle as well.

Below are some reasons why you may need to find the right suspension repair specialist in Scottsdale.

  • Vibrations while driving.

This is one of the most common problems that people notice when their suspension is beginning to show signs of fatigue or other serious problems. The car may ride smoothly for the first 30 miles per hour or so, then you notice a minor shake or shimmy in the steering wheel.

When you hit 60, the car is vibrating all over. Sure, this might be one way to get a decent massage on your commute home, but it reduces the control that you have over the car. If you have to steer sharply to avoid getting into an accident, you are at an increased risk of losing control.

The vibrations could be simply a matter of unbalanced tires, which usually cost a few dollars to repair. It could also be due to the sway bar links failing. When they fail, the sway bar doesn’t hold the steering like it should and that can cost the front tires to be off balance on their own, resulting in vibrations at certain speeds.

What are the risks involved with this type of problem? If you ignore the problem, it is possible for the sway bar links to snap and this could cause one tire to end up pointing in the wrong direction, causing you to lose control. If this happens when you’re cruising at 70 miles per hour on the highway, it could lead to a serious accident involving not only you but anyone around you at that time.

  • The never-ending bounce.

Anyone who has been in a car that had old, worn out shocks or struts will know what this feels like. You’re leaving your driveway and immediately you begin to feel the car bounce. There’s a small rise or dip in the road and your bar bounces two or three times after it before settling down.

You might just ‘deal with it’ because the car’s running fine and, after all, it’s just an inconvenience, right?


Not only is this putting more parts of your car at risk, it could be wearing out other parts of your vehicle prematurely. It’s also a major safety risk. When your shocks and struts are worn out, you won’t have the same control over your car when turning or stopping.

Just picture your car bouncing along and you reach a sharp turn. You might usually take this turn at 45 miles per hour and think nothing about it. When you take the turn again, the car bounces up and the tires lose traction. It bounces down you regains traction. In the meantime, losing traction increases the chances that you’ll lose complete control.

  • Poor handling on corners.

As we just highlighted, when you begin to lose handling on the corners, you are putting yourself and any passengers in the car with you at risk. Increased speeds increase the risks involved.

Once your tires lose traction, at higher speeds it’s more difficult to regain control. The tires regripping the pavement won’t get full traction on a turn, especially when the vehicle bounces up again.

  • More forward movement in the car when braking.

When you have completely worn out shocks or struts, when you apply the brakes hard, you’ll notice the nose of the vehicle dip down lower. This causes poor weight distribution when coming to that stop and that can cause you to lose control, but more importantly, it will cause your car to take longer (distance and time) to stop than it should have to.

When you have grown accustomed to the stopping distance of your car, and this changes, most people don’t take those issues into account when their suspension is failing. That’s why suspension repair is so important for your car and why you should get it checked out as soon as possible wherever you live or work in Scottsdale.

  • Creaking or groaning coming from the wheel area when driving.

Most people don’t realize that their car or truck talks to them. It has a unique language and one of the ways it communicates is through groaning or creaking. When you hear these noises, it can be tough to determine where it’s coming from, but if you isolate to around the wheels, it may very well be your car telling you that it’s time for suspension repair.

If you live or work in Scottsdale and need the best suspension repair experts, call us today!