share the road with motorcycles

Share the road! May happened to be Bike Month, but with the summer months getting everyone out and more active, we need to remember everything from Bike Month and carry it through the rest of the year. As drivers, we often look out for other vehicles, but what about the other bikes on the road? Our goal as your auto repair shop is always to keep you and everyone else on the roads as safe as can be. We want to maintain vehicles, not always perform those auto repairs on them.


Bikers and Drivers Share Responsibility on the Roads


When we’re driving, we often encounter bicyclists, motorcycles, and mopeds. It takes a very cautious and aware driver to pay attention to these types of rides, especially bikes. We must be ready to share the roads. As a biker, we must also know what to do to stay safe!


Bikers should:

  • stop at stop signs and red lights
  • follow all traffic laws
  • go with the flow of traffic
  • use turning lanes and arm turn signals
  • use lights at night and in poor weather conditions
  • yield the right of way to vehicles and other riders when entering lanes
  • don’t ride and use a phone
  • don’t ride when intoxicated
  • pay attention to vehicles


Drivers should:

  • watch for hand signals to tell where the bike is going
  • understand cycling laws
  • look before opening a door to the vehicle
  • follow all traffic laws, signs and signals
  • avoid heavy braking or speeding
  • think safety at all times; look for reflective gear and small lights
  • follow accident protocol as you would for a vehicle accident
  • slow down and be extra cautious
  • be prepared to share your lane when there is no right lane meant for bikes


Be Responsible and Share the Road!

Driving is a responsibility that should never be taken for granted. Bike Month may have taken place in May, but we truly feel that this awareness needs to continue all year long. The minute we stop paying attention to others on the road is likely when something bad will happen. Bikes need our roadways just as motorcycles and mopeds do. Many people find biking to be good exercise, financially effective, eco-friendly and just plain beneficial. As long as we are all respecting one another and our driving laws, we will be able to share the roads with everyone. We look forward to maintaining your vehicle regularly rather than repairing your vehicle from an accident.