Uber Driver

Getting around is easier than ever and more varied than ever with ride-share companies trending left and right. And at the center of it all is Uber! It’s advertised as convenient, user-friendly, and a great way to earn some extra money. However, you may be asking if being an Uber is right for you and wondering if it’s really worth it, or is it too good to be true. Here’s everything you’ll want to know.

The Pros of Being an Uber Driver

  • Uber costs less per trip than a traditional taxi fare and is more accessible
  • A flexible schedule you set yourself
  • Extra income
  • Uber often offers a signing bonus or a guaranteed amount of money earned for your first week or month
  • Getting to know your area well and potentially experience new places you will want to come back to. You’re basically becoming the best local travel guide!
  • You get to meet new people and improve your social skills

The Cons of Uber Driving

  • Uber takes roughly 25 percent of the total cost of each ride
  • Setting your own schedule takes commitment and planning and doesn’t account for the time you inevitably sit waiting for a ride request
    • Also, consider when peak hours are for the highest earning potential to ensure you are making the most out of your side hustle.
  • Keeping your car clean and maintained at all times. This helps protect your car from undue wear and tear and makes sure that you and your passengers are safe.
    • Don’t forget that this also includes cleaning up after your customers.
    • This also might mean replacing your car sooner than a non-rideshare driver
  • Increased gas costs
  • More frequent preventative maintenance on your vehicle
  • Special insurance
  • And don’t forget about taxes! As an Uber driver, you are considered an independent contractor, which effects your taxes. If you are interested in becoming an Uber driver, you will want to research this further.
    • The city also takes a small portion of the fare for sales tax
  • Lastly, you are working for a company as much as it feels like you are your own boss. You will be subject to their policies, pricing, and other such terms; which can change over time.

Whether you already are an Uber driver or are considering becoming one, it is always beneficial to have the facts and prioritize what is important to you.

We Fix It Auto Repair Can Help!

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. This not only helps you get higher review ratings, which means more rides, but also helps to safeguard you and your passengers from unnecessary accidents.

We Fix It Auto Repair offers great preventative maintenance services that will minimize your costs and prevent unexpected breakdowns. We are here to change your oil, make sure your brakes are in good working condition, and preserve the function of your AC/Heating systems so you can create a comfortable climate for your customers in every ride. Whatever your preventative maintenance or auto repairs you need, we’re here to help ensure your Uber business can flourish.