Safe Driving Habits

Holiday driving is here and that means more drivers on the roads, some of whom may not know what they’re doing behind the wheel is illegal. Okay, who are we kidding? We are all guilty of some of these things either knowingly or not.

This holiday season, let’s all make a pledge to drive safer! Avoiding these illegal driving habits will help us all do just that! Plus, when you take road trips, driving laws can change from state to state. Keep your road trip smooth and stay out of trouble by adhering to these tips.

  • Don’t use your cell phone while you’re driving. Texting and driving and talking and driving are dangerous and in most states, it’s completely illegal. You don’t want to end up with a major costly ticket, but even more importantly it can cause an accident or a death and no text or call is ever worth that. Put your phone in airplane mode before you hit the road and avoid distracted driving at all costs.
  • Don’t drive with headphones in. Listening to the radio while driving is already distracting enough, but when you put the headphones in, you’re keeping other noises like car horns, railroad crossing alarms or emergency vehicles out. It’s also illegal in many states now.
  • Don’t tailgate. Following too closely can result in a ticket or an accident. Pay attention to cars in front of you and give some space.
  • Always use a signal to change lanes, even when traffic is light. Good driving habits start with good communication no matter what the law says.
  • Slow down your need for speed. Whether or not you’re running late or there aren’t many cars on the roads, many accidents are related to speed and nothing is worth that.
  • Make sure your headlights are on. More than just for nighttime driving, turn your lights on at dusk or in bad weather. It’s better to drive with your lights on than not. It takes two seconds and could save you.
  • Wear your seatbelt! Millions of Americans still don’t click it, but you can expect a ticket.

These tips don’t take much to change and are more about driving safety than anything else. We can all do a better job when we are driving this holiday season and in the future. Changing a few driving habits that could be illegal is all it takes! Won’t you join us?