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How to Drive Safely Through a Monsoon

How to Drive Safely Through a Monsoon

monsoon driving safetyIt’s mid summer here in Arizona which means we are also in the middle of monsoon season. Here in Arizona, we see it all. Gusts of wind, sandstorms and intense rain – all of which can come with little warning. When you’re driving through a monsoon, it can be a pretty scary experience, especially if you’re unprepared, inexperienced or your vehicle needs some auto repairs.

For this reason, we have put together some helpful tips to keep you safe should you find yourself driving when a monsoon hits. Safe driving habits during a monsoon are important, but you can also take some preparatory action to ensure your own personal safety as well.

Monsoon Driving Safety

First, don’t speed up to get through it faster. Slow down or simply pull over and wait it out altogether. Whether you’re in a dust storm or heavy rain, find a safe place to stop your vehicle and put your vehicle in park. Keep your foot off the brakes so another motorist doesn’t try to follow your brake lights and hits you from behind.

Second, turn around – don’t try to drive through the flood waters. Flash flooding is common and it only takes a couple of inches of water to cause your vehicle to move. Turning around and finding another way could save you from an accident and some major car repairs on your vehicle as well.

Third, check your tires. During the monsoon season, your tires could save you. Have your local auto repair shop check your tire tread and pressure. Properly aligned and inflated tires will keep your vehicle more supported and safer on the road.

Fourth, make sure your wipers are in excellent condition. Whether dirt or rain, you need to see in order to drive safely. If they’re damaged, they won’t help when you need them most. We go months at a time without rain, so you may not even know they’re not working properly. Try them out weekly and fix them before you need them.

Your safety is our priority

Here at We Fix It Auto Repair, we want to maintain your vehicle, not repair it after a monsoon has caused damage or worse – an accident. You should also remember to:

  • Plan ahead during monsoon season by listening to the radio or watching the news and pay attention to warnings or word of mouth. Scan the skies before hitting the road.
  • Pack a disaster or emergency kit in your vehicle (also important in your home) filled with batteries, flashlights, water, clothing, food, a first aid kit, and so on. You can google emergency kits for more ideas.
  • Remember not to drive through flooded areas. Turn around.
  • Find a safe location to pull over and wait for the storm to pass.
  • Have your vehicle properly maintained. Vehicles in good condition are safer vehicles.
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