Child Passenger Safety Week

Crash! Wham! Crack!

Three of the most horrible sounds you hear when there’s a car accident. These sounds are only the beginning of what is always a horrendous experience; but even more so when you have a child in the car. This year, Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week is September 15th -21st and is designed to help make sure your precious cargo arrives safely – every trip, every time.

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week is held annually to shine a light on the importance of certifying that every child is correctly secured whenever they get in a car. The best part of this national call to attention? It’s been made easy! As busy parents and caregivers, this is something we can all use.

The 4 Stages of Car Seats

1. Rear-Facing Car Seats
2. Forward-Facing Car Seats
3. Booster Seats
4. Seat Belt

The proper car seat for your child depends on their age, weight, and height. These three factors combined tell parents and caregivers which safety harness is best for their child. If you’ve ever read through a car seat manual, it can be daunting! So, how do families know which car seat stage is right for their child? How to install it, not to mention, use it correctly?

That’s the best part of Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week! Inspection Stations are highly advertised this week. You can use a search tool to find a location where you can meet with a certified technician. You can also check with your local auto repair shop, they oftentimes know where you can have your car seat inspected. These impressive techs will provide free education, help families choose the car seat that best fits their children, help to install it (major bonus) and give instructions on how to use it accurately each time.

Quick Car Seat Safety Tips

After visiting one of the Inspection Stations, there are several things families can do to continuing helping their children travel safely all year.

  • Register, register, register! By registering your child’s car or booster seat, you can be easily and quickly notified of any recalls or safety updates.
  • Spend a few minutes each month keeping current on regulations and new suggestions.
  • Place a large label sticker on your child’s car seat with their name, birthday, any allergies, and a few emergency contacts for first responders in case of an accident.
  • Check that sunshades are crash test rated before using them to block the beautiful, but killer, AZ sun. Otherwise, they become an extra projectile in the event of an accident.
  • Beware of the cutesy extras. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting a designer look for your child’s car seat and there are many retail options to custom order fabric and color. But car seats and all of their pieces and parts are tested and designed specifically. Any qualified technician will tell you not to add or modify anything to your child’s original car seat.
  • Visit an Inspection Station again! They are available all year and can help you adjust your child’s car seat needs as they grow.
  • Bonus Tip: You can even schedule one on one time with a technician who will come to you!

Here at We Fix It Auto Repair we care about you and the safety of your family! Drive safely everyone and keep those kiddos safely buckled up.