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How Much Do You Know About Brake Pads?

Apr 29, 2020

The longer we drive the more automatic it becomes. We always pay attention to the road, but unless there is a glaring issue, how many of us actually pay attention to the way our car is driving every single time we get in? While that should be a habit we all establish, thankfully some signs and symptoms help support us in that endeavor. And, one of the biggest signals that your vehicle needs attention is the screeching, shrill sound of brake pads that need to be replaced!

Brake Pads 101

A brake pad is a steel backed plate with a type of friction material bound to the surface. This pad is what applies pressure and friction to the brake rotor. Ultimately, this causes the vehicle to slow and stop. Brake pads are highly specific to the make, model, and year of a car. And, they are usually ceramic, semi-metallic, or specialized. This is just one area where the experts at We-Fix-It come in handy. We can help you determine the best brake pad for your vehicle.

Without quality brake pads, other parts of the braking system start to wear away and can lead to costly repairs. Signs that you need new pads include diminished thickness, noisy brakes, grinding sounds, and in some cases, an indicator light. Keep in mind that every time you engage your brake, there is some amount of wear on the protective coating that keeps the metal on metal parts from grinding. This is why regular maintenance is a must!

Professional Brake Pad Service

Brake pads generally last for 30,000-35,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, keep in mind that your personal driving habits greatly affect their longevity. This includes the environment you drive in and how hard/often you press the brake. When you take your car in for its next oil change, getting the brake pads inspected is a great way to stay on top of their overall condition. Brake pads have reached their limit when they hit 0.1 inch. This is something one of our certified mechanics can measure.

At We-Fix-It, there is nothing more important to us than your safety. That’s why we offer a free brake inspection. A properly functioning brake system is vital to the entire state of your car and, of course, the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Don’t let those warning signs pass you by. Make an appointment today and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

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Free Brake Inspection

Our service includes:

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  • Measure brake rotors or drums to determine if they are serviceable
  • Test brake fluid for moisture content

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