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Free Shuttle & Airport Parking At Sky Harbor With Any Service

Here at We Fix It, we understand that airport parking can be a pain and we want to make your life easier whenever possible. With this idea in mind we offer free airport parking and Airport shuttle with any service. That means if you are planning a trip and traveling through the Sky Harbor International Airport we will drop you off, pick you up, and perform your oil change or other needed service while you’re away!

Sky Harbor International Airport Parking

We have a 100 car lot on our property and this allows us to offer you a unique service. Airport parking can be expensive and finding a ride from your friends and family can be an inconvenience. That’s why you should let us help you out and perform necessary maintenance on your vehicle while you’re enjoying a vacation or on a business trip. Then you can have the peace of mind knowing we will pick you up when you return and your vehicle will be safe and reliable when you pick it up from our shop.

Feel free to call and schedule a service and let us know that you would like our airport parking service and we will be happy to accommodate your request!

Current Airport Parking Rates have an average of $4.00 an hour with daily maximums ranging from $7.00 to $25.00 depending on which Terminal/garage you choose.

That being said, we can save you quite a bit of money with even a simple service such an as oil change and provide you with airport parking and shuttle service. Give us a call today for details!

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