How to Protect My Auto Investment!

Mar 1, 2018

These days, we can all benefit from spending less, saving more and doing more with our money. Every dollar counts towards the things and people who are important to us – and although you might not think an auto investment is a big thing, other than our homes, it’s probably one of the biggest investment we will make financially in our lifetime. We don’t want to be spending more money on it than we need to. And let’s face it, auto repairs can get expensive over time. It only takes a couple of major breakdowns or an engine or transmission issues to break the bank.

We don’t just want to tell you where to go, or what to do, when your vehicle breaks down. Today, we want to help you learn the best ways you can PROTECT your auto investment. Knowing what to do for your vehicle during its lifetime will surely help you save some money. Plus, studies from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) show that vehicles who receive regular preventative maintenance and service, retain more of their value, get better gasoline mileage, and pollute less than cars that are neglected.

The most forgotten auto repair advice?

Choose an ASE-certified repair technician or repair shop to do the work on your vehicle. You might not think this will make a difference, but trust us, it definitely does. They are able to provide better quality service, which means that every dollar you spend will be used wisely. ASE certification was meant to provide consumers with a way to know that their auto repair shop, and their automotive mechanics are certified, knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent. It is a voluntary program, so you know that your ASE-certified mechanic has taken the time to improve their skills and attend trainings to further their expertise – certainly a win for consumers!

Similarly, there are the tests they have to pass and keep up with every five years. According to Car Care News Service, mechanics who pass at least one exam and fulfill the hands-on work experience requirement, earn the title of “ASE-Certified Automobile Technician.” Those who pass all eight automotive exams earn “Master Auto Technician” status. There are also tests for parts specialists, collision repair technicians, automotive service consultants, and other various segments of the auto repair industry. Depending on what your vehicle needs, this may be something worth looking into. Don’t waste money at a shop where they simply aren’t capable of doing the work well.

Look for logos! Talk to other consumers! Know who to bring your vehicle to ahead of time! Talk with different technicians! Make connections! Give us a call!

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