Don’t Take Your Brakes for Granted

May 31, 2018

Let’s face it, your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. When they don’t work properly, you put yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the road in danger. Brake maintenance is something that cannot be ignored, and it cannot be avoided. The ability to stop quickly or slow down without much notice could help to avoid an accident. Whether you are just driving around town, or heading out on a road trip, brake safety is vital!

The Importance of Brake Inspections

When is the last time you had a brake inspection on your vehicle? Do you know the current state of your brakes? Our technicians can put your vehicle through the thorough inspection process. This will ensure that your braking system is working optimally so you feel better knowing you’re driving a safe vehicle. After all, we have some very precious cargo to think about!

When you get a brake inspection, you are getting a pretty intricate service. This services includes checking the following:

  • Brake pedal
  • Brake fluid
  • All brake lines and hoses
  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Brake assemblies
  • All other parts related to your braking system

If one or more of these parts are not in the best shape or form, we will let you know what we recommend to improve your braking system. Parking brakes will also be checked at this time.

How Often Should Your Brakes be Inspected?

Most auto repair shops will recommend this service at mileage intervals, perhaps around 10K. But this depends on your driving habits and the state of your brakes. Such factors include but are not limited to driving on roads with a lot of hills and sharp turns frequently, riding your brakes, the weather you drive in, stop-and-go city driving, driving in heavy traffic with frequent braking, using cheap brake pads or other brake system components.

If you think you are overdue for some brake service, it’s a good idea to give us a call and have a thorough brake inspection done. We are here to serve you and your vehicle and want to keep you safe on the road.

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Free Brake Inspection

Our service includes:

  • Inspect brake rotors/drums, brake calipers, brake pads/shoes, hardware, brake hoses
  • Measure brake rotors or drums to determine if they are serviceable
  • Test brake fluid for moisture content

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