Cooling System Basics and FAQs

Jun 30, 2019

If you’ve lived in Arizona for any length of time, you likely know how HOT Arizona summers can be. You may even have had the unfortunate experience of driving a vehicle with a malfunctioning or unreliable A/C system. But, have you ever thought about how your vehicle would like to stay cool and comfortable too? That’s the function of the cooling system, one part of your vehicle that often gets overlooked until it’s too late.

What is the cooling system?

The air conditioning unit in a vehicle keeps its passengers cool and comfortable. Similarly, the cooling system works to keep the engine at the optimum temperature all the time, regardless of outside conditions and the vehicle’s speed. The system consists of a cooling circuit comprised of hoses, a pump, the radiator, and the all-important cooling fluid – antifreeze.

How does the cooling system work?

The circuit mentioned above is a closed loop that goes between the radiator and the engine. The pump and hoses cycle coolant back and forth between the engine and the radiator, which acts as a heat exchanger and cools the coolant fluid before it goes back to the engine.

How do you maintain a cooling system?

If the cooling system is not properly maintained, it’s easy to see how a vehicle could overheat in Arizona’s hot summer sun, leaving you in the uncomfortable position of being stuck beside the road. In fact, AAA says that cooling system failure is one of the main causes of summer vehicle breakdowns.

The key to preventing a roadside breakdown, and also engine damage, is regular cooling system maintenance. This includes the following:

  • Inspecting belts, hoses, and fans
  • Checking coolant levels and adding fluid as necessary
  • Testing coolant for the presence of rust or discoloration
  • Adding conditioners to the coolant to prevent corrosion
  • Performing a coolant flush and fill (the old fluid is drained completely and replaced with fresh coolant)
  • Checking for areas where coolant may be leaking and repairing or replacing gaskets as needed

Schedule cooling system service

No matter what make and model you have, preventative maintenance is the best medicine when trying to keep your vehicle healthy and running properly. It will also help you save money by preventing costly breakdowns in the future.

All of the services mentioned above are offered by We Fix It Auto Repair. Give us a call today to schedule cooling system service so you won’t be afraid to hit the road this summer!

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