4 Common Audi Transmission Issues to Watch Out For

May 4, 2022

No one enjoys an unexpected auto repair bill or being stranded on the side of the road due to a breakdown. But, it’s especially embarrassing if you own a luxury vehicle such as an Audi. Made with top-quality materials and expert engineering, it’s easy to feel like these models will last forever and never have any problems. The truth of the matter, however, is that European-made luxury vehicles can and do still have malfunctions from time to time, including these Audi transmission issues which we’re about to show you.


Audi Transmissions Issues to Be Aware Of

When you purchase a luxury vehicle, you’re making a significant monetary investment in it. Protect that investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly by paying attention to any different noises or smells and by being aware of these common Audi transmission issues:


  1. Low Transmission Fluid – In order to function properly and to prevent friction from causing internal parts to overheat, your Audi’s transmission must have and keep the proper transmission fluid level at all times. If you notice your transmission slipping or slower shifting, your vehicle may have a leak that has led to low transmission fluid. Contact your mechanic right away to diagnose and fix the problem.
  2. Faulty Torque Converter Needle Bearings – A torque converter senses changes in vehicle acceleration and causes the gears to shift accordingly. If you hear a grinding sound under the hood while driving, this is possibly an indication that the needle bearings in the torque converter have become worn. This is a serious issue and should be addressed by your mechanic as soon as possible.
  3. Failure of the Clutch – The clutch is a vital component for smooth and accurate shifting. If it wears over time, it can slip, jam, or fail completely. If you notice difficulty switching gears, let your mechanic know right away. It’s possible that the clutch can be replaced and damage to your transmission can be prevented.
  4. Overheated Transmission Fluid – If you are driving your Audi with low transmission fluid, that fluid may overheat and friction between internal components can cause significant damage. You’ll typically notice a burning smell – NEVER a good sign in any vehicle. You can potentially save yourself an expensive transmission repair if you get your vehicle to the repair shop ASAP.


How to Prevent Audi Transmission Issues and Other Vehicle Problems


First, let’s make sure that your expectations are realistic. If you own a vehicle … any vehicle … it is impossible to prevent every potential problem that may arise. Vehicle parts and systems are exposed to the elements and to a variety of driving conditions. That means they can and will eventually break down over time, even if they’re made from top-quality materials and designed by expert engineers.


That being said, there are things you can do to prevent many unexpected repairs, such as the Audi transmission issues mentioned above, and minimize their impact on your wallet and driving ability. The single most important thing you can do is keep up with your vehicle’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule.


Start by making sure that your chosen auto repair shop is capable of handling Audi repairs and service. Only mechanics specifically trained in European car repair will know exactly what to look for and how to diagnose and fix any problems that arise. Talk to your mechanic and determine what preventative maintenance items need to be done and when. Following their recommended schedule can help catch small issues before they become bigger, more expensive, and more inconvenient problems.


Expert Audi Auto Repairs and Service In Tempe and South Scottsdale


At We-Fix-It Auto Repair, we are very familiar with European-made vehicles’ auto repair and maintenance needs, including Audi models. These luxury vehicles require precise care and attention to detail in order to maximize their performance and protect your investment.


If you begin to notice any of the common Audi transmission issues mentioned above, or you simply want to schedule routine maintenance, please let us know. We are often able to schedule same-day appointments at our Tempe auto repair shop and getting you safely back on the road is a priority. Our expert technicians will treat your vehicle with the care and respect it deserves and help you keep it running smoothly. Simply give us a call or request an appointment online today!

Are you ready to schedule your vehicle for service at We Fix It?

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