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Cars are funny devices. We use them for just about any need we have to get from one place to another. Whether you live in Tempe, Phoenix, or anywhere else in Arizona, you’ll likely rely on your car for getting you to school, work, or just to a friend’s house. The funny thing is that when they’re working great we don’t give them a second thought, but there are likely many reasons, or signs, that you need some type of auto repair in Tempe, whether you realize it or not.

We have put together a list of 5 signs that could indicate it’s time for you to not only find any old auto repair facility in Tempe or serving the Tempe area, but one that you can trust.

Trust is often overlooked when it comes to auto repair, but it’s essential. You will be driving around a two-ton (or more) vehicle that someone else repaired for you, so it should be repaired properly. The right repair begins with the right diagnosis.

So let’s look at 5 of the signs that could indicate you need to get your car to an auto repair facility in Tempe as soon as possible.

The check engine light comes on.
How many times have you noticed that little ‘check engine’ light (or the symbol that looks like a small engine) illuminate on your dashboard? When it happens, it’s not meant to be ignored, though far too many people actually do ignore it.

It’s an indicator that there is a potentially serious problem that the car’s onboard computer monitoring system has detected.

Could it be a minor issue that can be repaired for little money? Absolutely. It could also be something more serious that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. In Tempe, that could put you and anyone with you at risk. Imagine breaking down in the middle of the highway during rush hour. You could cause a serious accident. Or you could end up having your car break down during the hottest part of the afternoon, a long way from civilization, water, or shelter.

Don’t ignore the check engine light. If it comes on, put the electrical or duct tape away that you were going to use to cover it up and call the right auto repair facility.

Rough start or idle.
The longer you drive your car, the more you’ll get to know it well. That includes understanding how it starts and idles. When you are stopped at a traffic light waiting, your car is idling. When you’re parked with the car running waiting for someone, it’s idling.

If you notice that your car is beginning to struggle to start, meaning it takes an extra second or two to turn over or just doesn’t seem all that powerful on the startup any longer, or you notice that the idle is rough (the tachometer needle is jumping when you’re idling, then this could indicate a potentially serious problem.

It may also be something minor and will remain minor as long as you get it looked at and fixed as soon as possible.

Your car or truck stalls.
If you are driving around, come to a stop at a light, stop sign, or you’ve reached your destination and the vehicle stalls out on you, this could be the result of some internal combustion problems. It may be a simple matter of the spark plugs needing to be changed, having a clogged air filter, getting bad fuel last time you filled up, or a host of other minor problems, but it can also indicate something more complicated.

If the vehicle seems to be running decent and only has trouble when it comes to an idle and stalls, you don’t want to ignore the situation assuming that you can just ‘start it up’ right away. Eventually it won’t allow you to do that any longer.

You’ve been in a minor fender bender.
Accidents suck. That’s the bottom line here, and when you have a small fender bender that doesn’t injure anyone and doesn’t do much damage to your vehicle, you may assume that you can just ignore the problem. Since nothing was damaged that you can see, there must not be a major problem, right?

That’s not always the case, sometimes you may discover that the small fender bender did something to the undercarriage of your car, to the fuel line, exhaust system, or even the engine. It all depends on where your car was hit, how much force was exerted on various components, and other issues, but you should never just assume that your car managed to survive the day just fine.

You should seriously consider bringing into an auto repair facility as soon as possible to ensure that nothing was damaged. If something was damaged in the accident, you can have it repaired as soon as possible and that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You’re hearing odd sounds from your car.
Every car speaks in its own special language. Most of the time we either don’t know that we’re supposed to be listening, or we simply don’t know the language. Auto repair technicians are trained to understand the language of cars and trucks.

If you begin hearing odd sounds that are coming from your car, they are usually indicating that something is not quite right. It could be something minor, but anything minor with a car will eventually lead to something more serious in time if it’s not addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

When you consider the amount of power, torque, and other forces that a car exerts, it’s easy to realize that small problems can quickly become major ones. Don’t waste money on major repair bills because you ignored the minor issues and sounds when you first heard them. Bring your car to an auto repair technician in Tempe as soon as possible.

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