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How to Choose the Best Auto Repair Mechanic in Scottsdale

Living in Scottsdale, Arizona means that you have access to some of the best that life has to offer. When it comes to auto repair in Scottsdale, it may be difficult to determine where to find the best services. After all, you paid good money for your car and wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should keep bringing it back to the dealer’s shop whenever you need service?

No. While many dealerships have some quality auto repair technicians working for them, they also have a tendency to focus on boosting their bottom line. Let’s face it, dealerships are in the business of making money, but the bigger they get, the more money they need to make in order to break even. There’s only so much that they can make on the cars they sell (after they pay the manufacturer and then the salesperson’s commission, there’s not much left), so they either focus on volume or they make money through their auto repair shop.

This can place the consumer at a disadvantage. Many dealers offer free oil changes and services up to a certain mileage, such as 25,000 miles, then they begin charging (or should we say overcharging for those same services. When you’re told that your next oil change, which you’ll have to pay, is going to cost you $70 or more because they also need to ‘rotate the tires’ and that’s going to cost you $10 per tire, then you have to know you’re getting taken advantage of.

Don’t let that happen to you. Focus on the following points that should help you find the best auto repair facility that serves Phoenix and the surrounding areas.


How much experience does the company have? Even if it’s a small auto repair shop, you should determine whether the owner or main technicians have enough experience to work on your vehicle. You spent a lot of money on your car and you want to be sure that it’s taken care of properly.

You can find out the experience level of any technician simply by asking them. How much experience does he or she (yes, there are female mechanics these days, and they are very good at what they do) have working on your model or make of car?

You can check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if there are any complaints against this technician or the shop. That may give you an idea about whether or not you’re going to end up with the right one for your car.

Don’t just accept testimonials that are placed on the company’s website. Those can be legitimate, but they can also be manufactured. Find out directly by talking to the technician or owner at the shop.


Integrity can go a long way in business today. It’s not as easy to find when you’re talking about the auto repair industry. There are so many technicians that it can seem overwhelming trying to find the best one.

You can learn a lot about integrity by going online and reading various reviews about the shop that were written by other customers. If you find that some of the reviews are complaining about the services, the pricing, or questioning whether or not they actually replaced parts on the car that they charged the customer for, then you should keep looking.

There is a major quick oil change company that operates nationally and has continually been caught through news investigations not changing filters or even the oil when they charge customers, but they continue to remain in business because people don’t pay enough attention to integrity.

For a quality auto repair company, integrity will matter to them.


It can be difficult to determine whether someone is being honest about the services that they offer or what they are going to do to your car. However, you will know when the technician explains everything to you in a way that you can understand.

If you can’t understand what he or she is talking about, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If they dismiss your questions by saying, ‘You don’t need to worry about it,’ then that’s exactly when you need to worry about it.

Remember, this is your car and you have every right to know exactly what kind of work is going to be done to it and whether it’s something that is absolutely necessary to have done right now or whether it can wait. An honest company will tell you the truth, whether it’s in their best interest financially or not.

Customer Satisfaction

Just because you’re talking about auto repair, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on customer satisfaction. You don’t want to just drop your car off to be worked on and then be left in the dark, fighting to try to get someone’s attention.

A quality auto repair shop will make sure that you are comfortable, may offer a ride home or to your work, and will be willing to answer your questions when you have them without acting as though you’re imposing on their time.


You can tell a lot about a company by the loyalty that their customers show. As we noted earlier, some companies will take advantage of their customers and still stay in business, mostly because they have massive marketing budgets that can help people have short memories.

Most small auto repair shops don’t have that kind of budget for marketing; they need to focus all of their energy on making sure that their customers are happy. When their customers are happy, they will return again in the future. And they will tell their friends and family as well.

When you find the best auto repair shop that serves Phoenix and the surrounding areas, be sure to spread the word. If you want to cut right to the chase and find the best facility without slogging through the phone book, check out We Fix It Auto Repair. The name says it all and yes, they really do fix it right.

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