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Finding the Best Auto Repair Facility in Mesa is Not as Tough as It May Seem

When you need an auto repair facility for your car in Mesa, Arizona, you may be thinking that it’s going to be a tall task to find the right one. After all, no matter what type of car you drive, no matter how old it is, you still deserve to feel safe and secure when you’re driving in it.

You also have the right to not get ripped off when you bring your car into get serviced. There are far too many auto repair facilities throughout Mesa and the surrounding areas that will just as soon take advantage of their customers as do the work that is necessary. You also don’t want to have to bring your car in to get a simple oil change and then be told that you have to replace the brakes, change the bearings, or get the head gasket replaced when none of that is necessary.

Are there auto repair facilities like that? Absolutely. Fortunately, there are far more honest ones that know building a solid relationship with their customers is the best way to produce long-term results. That might not help you in figuring out where to turn when your car or truck needs some type of repair or service.

That’s why we have put together a few pointers that should be able to help you determine the best place to bring your vehicle any time that it needs work done on it.

Look at the Shop Itself

You can learn a lot about a business just by looking at the condition of its office. In this case, you can learn a lot about the auto repair facility in Mesa simply by noticing whether it is neat and organized. Are there tools scattered all over the place? Do you notice old wires, buckets of oil just sitting around, oil splattered all over the floor, or other issues that make you think of a juvenile rather than a professional?

What about the office or waiting area? No one really expects an auto repair facility to resemble a high end corporate office, but it should be neat to some regard. There should be a comfortable waiting area and you should be able to see other customer’s personal information, including credit card numbers, on slips of paper that are haphazardly strewn about around the register.

When you step into the shop’s office, make a simple observation and you should determine whether you’re going to be comfortable going there or if you’d rather choose a different facility.

Consider Experience

Experience matters, especially when it comes to your car. You want to make sure that your car will be worked on by someone who has plenty of experience, especially working on your make or model car.

It’s one thing to have some experience working on American made cars, but when you’re tasked with working on a fine German automobile or another European model, there are going to be some differences that could be overlooked by someone without the proper level of experience.

Talk to the manager or owner of the facility to find out whether he or anyone else on staff has enough experience to help you be more comfortable having them work on your car or truck. You may have to wait a bit longer if you specifically request someone to work on your car. If you don’t have a problem with that, then it’s fine, as long as you know you’re going to be getting to best technician working on your car.

Read Reviews from Other Customers

In days of old, it wasn’t all that easy to find reviews about various auto repair facilities that were written by previous customers. You might have read a few testimonials that were on the shop’s website, but they could have been written by the same person who created the website.

Today, with various online directories and other resources you can find a host of information about various auto repair facilities in Mesa and other areas throughout Arizona. Take the time to read through these reviews. Determine whether the facility you’re considering using has a good reputation, has served its previous customers well, and get a general consensus about what the average customer has to say about it. Remember that there will be some who write nothing but glowing reviews and others who have nothing but horrible things to say. That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on the average reviews.

What if you can’t find online reviews? Ask the owner or manager if they have any previous customers for reference. They may or may not be willing to share that information, but they might be able to point you in the right direction to help you read various reviews. If they dismiss you as being a nuisance, then you already have your answer about whether they care enough about you and your car.

Speak Directly to the Technician Who Will be Working on Your Car

If you have the opportunity and desire, you should be allowed to speak to the person who would be working on your car. Some shops have a rolling first in, first out system and several technicians and you might not know who will be working on yours. You can request someone specifically if you’re willing to wait a bit longer.

When you talk to the technician, manager, or owner, get a sense about their responsiveness. Be sure to explain any symptoms or sounds that are coming from your car that are causing you concern.

When you feel comfortable with the person with whom you’re talking to, then you will most likely know that you found the right auto repair technician in Mesa. If you want to get right to the right source and find the ideal company that will repair your car and get you back on the road quickly and safely, contact We Fix It Auto Repair on Scottsdale Road in Tempe.

Auto Repair Mesa AZ was last modified: February 2nd, 2016 by Becky Morris