A/C maintenance and Repair Tempe and Scottsdale AZ

If you’ve lived in Arizona for a while — whether you’re in Scottsdale, Tempe or Phoenix — you know it’s frankly unbearable to drive in the summer (and often the spring or fall) without reliable air conditioning service. At We-Fix-It Auto Repair, we want you to be cool, comfortable and safe all year long. Our ASE-certified technicians and repair experts know how to keep the cool air blasting reliably and efficiently even on the hottest days.

A vehicle’s A/C system requires periodic maintenance and service. Many people don’t realize this until it’s too late. With regular maintenance, air conditioning problems can be uncovered before your system has a total meltdown.

If your A/C is having issues, our staff will fully investigate, measuring your system pressure and checking against the specifications for your vehicle’s make and model. They’ll check the output temperature to see if it’s within the proper parameters. If it’s not, they’ll check to see if there’s a leak, draining the system and checking the lines for any cracks. If the lines are fine, they’ll investigate the compressor to see whether its interior seals are intact and whether it’s otherwise working properly.

Don’t be caught without working A/C when the thermometer’s pushing 100 degrees and up. At We-Fix-It Auto Repair, we can ensure you’re feeling cool everywhere you go.

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