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6 Tips For a Healthy Vehicle During the Pandemic

Dec 2, 2020

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, we have all been trying to follow the guidelines to shelter in place as much as we can. With remote work on the rise, people are driving less and their vehicles are sitting longer.  Car maintenance may be the last thing on your mind during a pandemic, but don’t forget the importance of keeping a healthy vehicle too. 

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vehicle

We have put together a list of common issues and how to maintain a vehicle that has been parked for an extended time. Follow these tips for a healthy vehicle during the pandemic and beyond!

1. Battery maintenance

If your car sits idle for an extended period of time, the battery will lose its charge.  The best thing you can do for your car battery is to drive your vehicle at least once a week for 20 minutes.

2. Routine oil changes

Don’t assume that because you don’t drive often that you don’t need an oil change every few months. When your car sits for an extended period of time, the oil can settle and the fuel can separate, which can lead to engine problems. Driving regularly not only keeps your car battery charged, but also helps to keep the fluids circulating.

3. Tire maintenance

Tires lose pressure over time.  Low tire pressure and the weight of the car can cause the tires to develop flat spots.  Driving once a week can help prevent this from happening.

4. Cleaning

Be careful where you park … dust, tree sap and bird droppings can take a toll on your vehicle’s paint finish.  You may consider using a car cover.  It is important that your vehicle is clean before putting the cover on. You may also consider protecting your paint by waxing and sealing your car before putting it away. For the inside of the car, make sure you clean out any food to prevent unwanted rodents inside. They can wreak havoc by chewing on belts or wires.  Fun tip: Mint is a good deterrent for rodents!

5. Fuel

We recommend keeping a parked car full of gas. Too much oxygen in the tank can cause impurities that clog up and damage fuel lines, fuel injectors, and filters. An empty gas tank can also cause condensation in the tank and the moisture causes rusting that contaminates the fuel system.

6. Brakes

Leaving a car parked too long will cause the brake rotors to rust and the brake pads and rotors to stick together. It’s not usually a big issue, but we recommend you avoid the parking brake if possible. If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your brakes, it’s best to schedule brake service as soon as possible.

Maintain a Healthy Vehicle by Driving

The best solution to maintaining and keeping a healthy vehicle is to simply drive it at least 20 minutes once every week. This will charge the battery, move the tires, circulate the fluids, and remove surface rust from the rotors.

We want you AND your vehicle to stay healthy!  At We-Fix-It Auto Repair, the safety of our customers and employees remain our highest priority. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone we come in contact with. When your vehicle needs a little extra TLC, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online for a day and time that is best for you.

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