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4 Signs You May Need Brake Repair for Your Car in Tempe

Brakes are one of the most important components of any car on the road today. Ask around and you’ll find that most people figure it’s the engine or the transmission that matters most. However, when you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that it truly is the brakes. That’s because you can have all the power in the world in your car, but if you can’t stop in time, you could put yourself and a lot of other people in danger.

When you need brake repair, choosing the best facility in Tempe is going to matter. Choosing the wrong facility could mean that you get less than quality workmanship on your vehicle. It could also mean that you’ll spend far more than you should have to.

Honest, hard working brake specialists don’t want to rip their customers off. They want them to be safe while on the roads and they want them to be informed. The best way to be informed is to understand the various signs that could indicate that you need to seek out the right brake repair specialist now.

  • Brakes are sluggish.

For the most part, when you apply the brakes in your car, you’ll notice that you come to a stop in a reasonable amount of time. You get used to how long it takes your car to stop. Most brakes and pads are going to stop a car in relatively the same distance, with some cars being more effective and requiring less stopping distance.

The two main factors that play into stopping distance happen to be the speed of the vehicle and the weight of the car. The faster you’re going and the more your car weighs, the longer it’s going to take to come to a full stop.

Now, as long as you have a pretty good idea about the stopping capabilities of your car, then you’ll probably know when the brakes become a little sluggish. That could mean that you have to depress the brake pedal harder to engage the brakes or they just don’t seem to be slowing the car down as quickly as they did in the past.

If either of these scenarios is the case, you should bring your car in for brake repair as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you could be placing yourself and anyone in the car with you (as well as other drivers on the road) in danger. There’s no excuse for ignoring sluggish brakes.

Does it mean that you need to pay for an expensive brake repair? Not necessarily. Most of the time it will indicate that you need to replace the brake pads, at least, but it could mean that you’re leaking brake fluid or some other issue that may be limited right now, but that could become serious in time.

  • The brake light stays on.

If you notice when you turn the key in the ignition to ‘on,’ all of those dashboard lights illuminate. One of them will be the red brake light. This can indicate that the emergency brake is engaged (in case you forget) but it could also let you know that a brake light is out or that there is a problem with the ABS system or even the master cylinder.

When the master cylinder goes, you lose a lot of control over your brakes. In fact, you can lose complete control over your braking system.

Those warning lights are there for a reason, so don’t ignore them. Take the time to bring your car in for brake repair the moment that you notice this light is staying on after all the other lights go out.

  • You hear a squealing noise when braking.

Within most brake pads there is a small rod that is placed toward to metal backing of the pad. When the pad wears down, that rod will eventually be exposed. When it’s exposed it will generally indicate that it’s time to have the pads replaced, at the very least.

You will still have some time (and life) left on those pads, but not that much. Don’t push your luck and keep driving because you don’t have the money right now to have those pads replaced. It’s better to make the small investment now and know that you are driving a safe vehicle around now rather than having to replace the pads, the rotors or drums, and even the calipers.

Those small rods are placed in those pads for a reason. They give you a heads-up that it’s time for brake repair. Whether you live in Tempe or the surrounding area, pay attention to the warning.

  • The car shakes when coming to a stop.

Whenever you notice that your car is shaking or vibrating when you apply the brakes, this is most likely the rotors that have warped. The rotors are the part of the wheels that the pads squeeze when you apply the brake pedal. Over time, under heat and other conditions, those rotors will begin to warp. At first it will usually be a minor warble, but over time, especially if you ignore it and keep driving with them like that, it will get more significant.

Eventually, the shaking will become so severe that it could cause you to lose braking power and even control of your car.

If you notice any of these issues when you’re driving, it may very well indicate that it’s time for brake repair. Whether you work or live in Tempe, the best brake repair specialists are at We Fix It Auto Repair on Scottsdale Road.

Your brakes are designed to keep you safe, so pay attention to them. When you begin to notice problems or you even suspect that there could be an issue with them, do something about it as soon as possible. There’s really no reason to risk your life or anyone else’s when it comes to brake problems.